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Wondershare MobileTrans (Win) - Lifetime License

Wondershare MobileTrans Wondershare MobileTrans is a platform able to perform transfers between two mobile phone handsets . It works with equipment brands , models and even different operating systems , with support for over 2000 models and can work with iOS , Android and Symbian.

You need only connect two devices to the same computer , wait until it is identified by Wondershare MobileTrans and ready . Done so in a few simple steps to transfer data from one to another , whether music, contacts , SMS , apps and more.

"Effective and simple solutions to transfer content between Android, iPhones and Symbian phones."

Key Features of The Wondershare MobileTrans

Transfer Content Between Different Phones

Wondershare MobileTrans not require advanced settings, and virtually all the work alone. It identifies the systems installed on the devices in question, moving each item to its proper place automatically, eliminating any need for manual arrangement.

With this program, you can transfer data between two devices following types: contacts, text messages, call log, apps, photos, music and videos. It is clear that the transfer application is useless in the case of devices having different operating systems from each other.

However, if you just want to pass data from an old model to a new model ( and they have the same system), almost all options should work without problems. Below you can see a table that ends any doubt about what may or may not be transferred from one system to another:

Transfer Content from Contacts SMS Call Logs Photos Videos Music Apps
Android to Android
Android to Symbian
iOS to Android
iOS to iOS
iOS to Symbian
Symbian to Android
Symbian to iOS
Symbian to Symbian

All Devices Supported by Wondershare MobileTrans

There is a complete list of devices that are supported by the program. The list is huge and includes several devices from companies like Samsung , HTC , Sony Ericsson , Motorola , Nokia and Apple.

Nearly every week new android phones and tablets are leased, because of this, we cannot list all Phone Transfer software supported devices here. In this case, if you device is not on this list, please download MobileTrans to try whether it is supported or not.

Wondershare MobileTrans User Guides

  • How to transfer iPhone contacts to Samsung Galaxy

Step 1. Install and run MobileTrans
To get started, install this program on your PC for data transfer and run.

2. Connect iPhone and the Samsung Galaxy to PC
Connect your iPhone and the Samsung Galaxy to the PC via the USB cable each. After been connected, the program will detect and display on the main interface of it almost immediately, with the names "Source" and "Destination".
If your Samsung Galaxy is full of unnecessary contacts you want to delete, you can check the tab "Erase data before copying" before transferring the contacts. Additionally, clicking on the "Flip" button you can change the role of each device between source and destination. This way, you can also transfer contacts from the Samsung Galaxy to iPhone.

3. Transfer iPhone contacts to Samsung Galaxy
In the main window you can easily see that it is possible to simultaneously copy contacts, text messages, photos, music and videos to your Samsung Galaxy. If you want to transfer your contacts only, uncheck the checkbox in front of the message text options, photos, music and videos.
Now it's time to start transferring your contacts. Click on the green button "Start Copy". During the transfer process, make sure that none of the phone is disconnected. As it finished, click "OK".

Usually, contacts have been exported successfully from iPhone to Samsung Galaxy.
Besides transfer contacts from iPhone to Samsung Galaxy with MobileTrans You can also transfer contacts from Nokia phone to Samsung Galaxy.

How it works - [Official Video]